Why Hire A Speaker?

Make sure that you know what outcome you wish to achieve before you engage the services of a professional speaker.

speaker-management-ireland-marlboro-promotions4“If you begin tasks with the end result in mind, you will be more productive. A chapter summary of Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Before you hire a speaker or are considering any speaker for your event you must have your end results in mind so that you don’t needlessly engage a speaker. If you are part of a team, get everyone together for a brainstorming session. You may find an in-house speaker will be adequate or you may realise that you don’t require a speaker at all.

What to avoid in the hire a speaker process for your event:

  • Avoid allowing yourself or other team members to favour a speaker who may not suit the speaking engagement just because you or someone else has a personal preference for the speaker.
  • Avoid falling into the trap of going for the ‘Celebrity Profile’ when all that may be required is a local expert speaker with a lower profile who can deliver excellent results.
  • Avoid incongruence or a message mismatch between what attendees expect and the message being presented by a speaker.

The following is a small list of the different types of professional speakers available in the hire a speaker market and topics that they may address:

  • Motivational keynote speakers Ireland
  • Inspirational speakers Ireland
  • Finance speakers Ireland
  • After dinner speakers Ireland
  • Management speakers Ireland
  • Current Events speakers Ireland
  • Health speakers Ireland
  • Entertainment speakers Ireland
  • Compere Ireland
  • MC Ireland
  • Celebrity Ireland
  • Hypnotists Ireland
  • Economics speakers Ireland
  • Customer Service speakers Ireland
  • Marketing speakers Ireland
  • Conference speakers Ireland
  • Personal Development speakers Ireland
  • Corporate speakers Ireland
  • Teamwork speakers Ireland
  • Sales speakers Ireland
  • Future Trends speakers Ireland
  • Stress Management speakers Ireland
  • Comedian Ireland
  • Workshop Facilitator Ireland
  • Sport speakers Ireland
  • Leadership speakers Ireland
  • Lifestyle speakers Ireland
  • Change Management speakers Ireland

‘Exclusive Speakers’ and what you should be aware of!

Some Hire a Speaker Management service providers promote the fact that they have ‘exclusive speakers’. This may sound great but the question to ask is; for whom does this exclusivity really benefit?

speaker-management-ireland-marlboro-promotions2Quite simply Hire a Speaker Management service providers that have exclusive speakers are putting those ‘exclusive speakers’ forward much more often and in cases where another speaker may be more suitable. The incentive for the speaker is that they will be put forward much more frequently if they become exclusive.

At Marlboro Promotions Speaker Management Ireland, you receive non biased advice from us as we do not have exclusive speakers. In fact, it is not our policy to find speakers a certain amount of work. Our job entails a briefing process with you, our client, and match the brief by finding the most suitable speaker for your conference or event, regardless if the speaker is exclusive or not.

Our priority is toward the needs and requirements of you, our client, and not the speaker. Although we maintain great professional relationships with all of our speakers, it is our job to listen to your brief and suggest the best speakers for your conference or event. We are not obligated to certain speakers and we don’t have to ‘push’ them on you.

Before You Hire a Speaker Know what is appealing to your audience!

Your company or group has particular challenges it faces in its industry. Choose a speaker who can add value and give you tangible solutions for your attendees to take away and implement. The old days of generic, motivational speakers is passé. An inspirational speaker is one who can inspire and give your delegates something new to think about.

Attendees have an intuitive intelligence and have great expectations. Remember, you are asking your attendees to invest their most precious resource, their time. When you treat your attendees with respect and keep their individual and group goals in mind when organising a speaker they will thank you for it.

Always keep your budget in mind

Avoid cutting back on the speaker fees in comparison to the food and wine budget. Years after your event, most people will still be talking about a certain speaker who really moved and inspired them and not what they had for lunch on the second day.

On the other hand, you don’t want people years from the event talking about how the speaker ‘died’ on stage. If you have too small a budget, you may want to think about skipping the speaker all together as a speaker who doesn’t perform will have much more of a negative imprint than if you simply did not have a speaker at that particular event.

Always communicate with your speaker and ensure that they are briefed.

speaker-management-ireland-marlboro-promotions5Make sure the speaker is thoroughly briefed by yourself or a member of your team. Professional speakers expect a certain level of professionalism from you and your team. This includes clear travel instructions, explaining the layout of the room, telling the speaker who will introduce them (always read the introduction as supplied by the speaker verbatim as there is nothing worse than a poor introduction) and supplying smooth logistics in case the speaker needs to go from a keynote to a break out session.

Important: Follow up with the speaker and get feedback

You must follow up with the speaker to get their feelings on how the event unfolded. Take note of any feedback the speaker gives as this could help you avoid costly mistakes in the future.

You must also follow up with your attendees. Again, they are the ones who invested their time and in many case their money at your event. You must take on board any constructive criticism so that your future events are remembered not only for the great venue, food and wine, and friendship but also for the remarkable professional speakers.conference event management ireland marlboro promotions cork Tel 0212 4890600

Of course a speakers management service can assist with the above. At Marlboro Promotions Speakers Management Ireland, we would appreciate the opportunity to assist with any of your events or conference.

To find motivational, inspirational, and professional business speakers in Ireland contact the Marlboro Promotions team today for further information.

Marlboro Promotions Speaker Management Ireland tailor events and entertainment to suit our clients needs and budget.

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Sometimes it’s better to talk to a real expert and trusted authority in the business. Contact Roy at Marlboro Conference, Event and Entertainment Management today for further information or to discuss your event and entertainment options.

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